Welfare system and Working environment

Working environment: Office

At LINE, we provide an environment that fosters the dynamism and creativity of our employees in business development, particularly emphasizing the creation of "WOW" services (Emotion and Surprise – brand-new and breakthrough initiatives that bring practical benefits to customers). We realize that through creating a staff-oriented working environment. Rather than just focusing on decorating the surrounding space, we aim at an environment that can flexibly change according to the development needs of our employees and be ready to enhance scale and quality as soon as economic condition is allowed in a favorable business situation.


Our office is located in Grade A+ Capital Place building. Here, we have facilities / support systems commensurate with the ideal working environment such as modern furniture, latest computers. The meeting room system is flexibly arranged, meetings can be organized quickly and flexibly in many places in the office.


In the in-house refresh area of the company, many events such as "Happy Friday"; "Study Session" are organized. With an open space for interaction - communication, employees can freely entertain themselves with sports activities such as table tennis, billiards or video games like the PS4 outside of working hours.