Welfare system and Working environment

Welfare system

It is understood that a perfect product / service can only be created in the best environment which is assured in both physical and mental aspects for engineers to create them. Therefore, at LINE TECHNOLOGY VIETNAM, we always create opportunities for our employees to work in a safe, healthy environment and express their own personalities or viewpoints. In addition, we are also committed to bring a comprehensive welfare policy with many different support systems. All for one goal: to invest in the development of all human resources working at LINE TECHNOLOGY VIETNAM.

LINE Service Utilizing Support

We regard our employees as our first customers by annually giving them the original stationery set of LINE & gift codes for shopping products on LINE STORE. That not only brings more benefits to our employees, but can also promote the cohesion and understanding of the company's products / services, thereby contributing to serve our customers at the best.

LINE STORE Gift Code / LINE Stationery

Reward System

We are granting quarterly and yearly awards to outstanding individuals and teams to commencing their efforts and contributions to the company.

Quarterly Award / Yearly Award

In-house Training system

There is a variety of education support mechanism, such as: language training support (English, Japanese) to promote global collaboration or the project to share good books necessary for daily business called “Book Share”.

Language Training Support / Book Share

Development Oppotunity for Engineer

We offer many growth opportunities such as information exchange on Slack casually with LINE’s talented engineers, overseas business trips for team collaboration, participation of workshops by LINE group and so on.

Overseas Business Trip / Global Workshop

Treasure ON/OFF, stay healthy for better working

In order for all employees to maximize their intellectual potential, we understand that it is necessary to create a working style in which employees can freely work / be creative and proactive, also flexibly balance between "WORKING" and "RELAXING". In addition, by taking good care of our employees' health, we want to be able to partially reduce the physical and mental burden so that everyone can focus and complete their work effectively.

Relaxation space exclusive for staffs / Regular Health Check-up / Arbitrary Health Insurance

Activation of internal communication

The goal that LINE always aims to is to enhance communication between people and people further. Here, we are creating more opportunities for teamwork, coordination and interaction among employees.

Happy Friday / Communication Fee / Company Trip and many other events