Paas Day Event 2019

Annually, LINE Technology Vietnam holds a major internal event called “Paas Day” (Platform as a Service Day) with participation Infra engineers from subsidiaries of LINECORP all over the world. The 2 day-event has go in-depth with 14 different topics related to LINE's INFRA platform such as Servers (Instance), SQL, NoSQL, Network, System and Security, etc....

As a programmer, you may know about AWS service, Google Cloud? Not totally compare with them but if you are a LINER, sure you will own the chance to have similar experience and may become a part of contributor to that platform- the platform accommodates over hundred millions of users. That is LINE’s INFRA.

LINE’s INFRA provides a platform environment for all engineers to research and develop projects in a simple and convenient way. They will free of such issues related to infrastructure, which is not easy to most other IT companies to achieve. At LINE, besides the hardware infrastructure that has been designed compatibly to meet requirements of performance, systematical back up. LINE’s INFRA allows LINE’s developers to deploy applications quickly without concern about resources, the ability of extension and the availability of infrastructure. Consequently, it shorten the time and effort in bringing applications to users. Furthermore, LINE's global engineering team is always working together to optimize, add new features, improve the quality of service infrastructure to meet the increasing needs of end users.

PaaS Day 2019 is a great opportunity for LINE Technology Vietnam engineers to exchange and to dick deep into knowledge within LINE Corp's global engineering teams.

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